Conversational Interfaces

The first chatbot book filled with practical guidelines for creating messaging experiences that people will love to use.


We created chatbot experiences before it became a new category and a massive hype.

As part of Hubbub we created novel games and other experiences using chat as a paradigm before it was a category. Lark, one of the first serious chat based applications had just come out.

We created one Bluetooth-based iPad game for the Dutch Airborne Museum allowing kids to message fictional characters and learn about freedom. We created our own javascript based mobile-first engine to quickly prototype chat experiences. In doing so we gained a tremendous amount of experience about what works and what doesn’t.

We mapped out the chatbot space and identified the key opportunities and holes on a service map but even we were blown away by how big this phenomenon became and how quickly it grew.

Our engineering lead gave a talk at one of the world’s most important design conferences Interaction where he summarized our learnings and pointed the way in which this category would go.

We wrote published the first book about the new chatbot trend called “Designing Conversational Interfaces” based on our experiences and on deep additional research.


Date: 2016-10-01

Client: Dutch Museum Association

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Vrije Vogels (‘Free Birds’) is a location-based museum game about freedom for children aged 8–12 and their families. It was commissioned by the Dutch Museum Association to celebrate the 70th anniversary of liberation of the Netherlands in World War II.


We offer all kind of services around bots and messaging strategy, conception and implementation.

Chatbot Strategy

We offer presentations and workshops that will allow you to figure out what your chatbot strategy should be and which steps to take next.


We have experience designing and implementing all kinds of chatbots. We can get your team going quickly using the right methods and technologies.

Slack Coaching

We can help your organization get up and running with Slack and make sure you get all of the potential of this amazing tool without the distraction.


We have long-standing experience implementing interactive services and an incredibly broad network to be able to draft the right talent.

Our director is one of the leading thinkers on the combination of design and technology and has decades of experience building himself.

Besides that, we have an international network of top-grade talent that we can employ to solve your issues.

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Alper Cugun-Gscheidel

Alper Cugun-Gscheidel

Founder and Director

Alper Cugun MSc is a software engineer, design strategist and author. He was active in the Amsterdam startup scene, founded a data visualization agency and was on the board of the Open State Foundation, a Dutch open government institution. Between 2010 and 2015 he was lead technologist and partner at Hubbub, a design studio for game and engagement design. Most recently he authored the book “Designing Conversational Interfaces”.

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