Alexa will soon gain a memory

Alexa will soon gain a memory, converse more naturally, and automatically launch skills

With the memory update, arriving soon to U.S. users, Alexa will be able to remember any information you ask her to, and retrieve it later.

In addition, Alexa will soon be able to have more natural conversations with users, thanks to something called “context carryover.”

In the weeks ahead, U.S. users will be able to launch skills using natural phrases, instead of explicit commands like “Alexa, open [skill name]” or “…enable [skill name].”

These three additions to Alexa seem fairly basic but since Amazon is the only one to even start rolling stuff out like this, that should give an idea how complex it is. It is also a demonstration of how very much at the beginning of this stuff we are.

Like the man says: “It is still Day 1!”

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