The Business Messenger by Intercom

We have yet to try the Intercom messenger platform or see it in the wild for that matter but  it makes a lot of sense for a messaging company. The only thing is that people are getting annoyed already by every website popping up a notification and calling it the new clippy. someone called this […]

What will Facebook’s reshuffle mean for Messenger?

Some mildly interesting things to read in: Facebook is making its biggest executive shuffle in company history David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s standalone messaging app, Messenger, is leaving that role but staying at the company. He’s moving over to run a new team exploring blockchain technology. Maybe he has just like become disillusioned about […]

Wire launches Wire Red

Wire Wants To Be Your Emergency Messaging Tool If You Get Hacked To give companies a way to stay in touch during this digital havoc, Wire is rolling out what it calls Wire Red—designed to help companies preconfigure ways for teams to stay in touch through the platform when ordinary channels are out of commission. […]

Alexa will soon gain a memory

Alexa will soon gain a memory, converse more naturally, and automatically launch skills With the memory update, arriving soon to U.S. users, Alexa will be able to remember any information you ask her to, and retrieve it later. In addition, Alexa will soon be able to have more natural conversations with users, thanks to something […]

Facebook’s Virtual Assistant M is dead, so are Chatbots

Another older piece about how chatbots are dead just because Facebook pulled the plug on its M service which had never launched in the first place: Facebook’s Virtual Assistant M is dead, so are Chatbots Last spring, M’s leaders admitted the problems they were trying to solve were more difficult than they’d initially realized. Let’s say this […]

Chatbots are dead

Just to revisit this old piece about the demise of chatbots: How This Founder Realized the Tech Trend He’d Built His Company on Was All Hype “Chatbots are dead,” he tells Inc. “I’m not even sure if we can say ‘chatbots are dead,’ because I don’t even know if they were ever alive.” Let’s just say […]

Android’s Messaging Strategy

The history of missed opportunities for Google when it comes to messaging is long and tragic. Stunning then that they are giving up on mobile and betting everything on RCS the Verge writes. If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the idea that Google won’t have a standalone consumer chat app, well, so […]

Conversations in the Design in Tech Report

Nice that this year’s design in tech report feels that conversational experience design is worth talking about. Better yet, the principles of conversation say that you should talk to some of these systems. These are just very general notes about the phenomenon but despite the current misgivings we can say that things are still going […]

Facebook shutting down M

Let’s just say that it’s not at all unexpected that Facebook has shut down M. The extremely limited use cases and geographical coverage of the early demos were just going to be impossible to scale up to any larger audience. We can see that most of these broader assistants have either folded or pivoted. It seems […]

Spotify set to announce voice system

So it looks like Spotify is going to announce a bunch of stuff on April 24th, probably focused on voice control. The question here is how it will fit into the existing ecosystems. Most of the major voice boxes have their own catalogues of music, so it’s hard to see what Spotify can add there. […]