Matthaus’s reckons on enterprise AI

Matthaus is an investor in Rasa NLU and one of the sharpest persons I know in this area. It is always a pleasure to get a peek in his mind, like here: How four of my bets on Rasa have evolved – or why the enterprise AI market is still underserved I get a lot of […]

Chatbots are dead

Just to revisit this old piece about the demise of chatbots: How This Founder Realized the Tech Trend He’d Built His Company on Was All Hype “Chatbots are dead,” he tells Inc. “I’m not even sure if we can say ‘chatbots are dead,’ because I don’t even know if they were ever alive.” Let’s just say […]

Chatbots: What Happened?

A decent post-mortem of the chatbot hype, with some great examples, but ultimately a somewhat too limited view for so broad a trend: Chatbots: What Happened? A lot of work goes into designing and building even a simple app, be it native or web. With a bot, a lot of that complexity disappears — from user interaction […]

Alexa Is a Revelation for the Blind

A personal story by Ian Bogost about how voice user interfaces can be literally life-changing for people who have been left behind by technological progress. I let the idea roll around in my head and realize what I’ve gotten wrong. I was thinking of the Echo as a tool for exchanging information. That explains why […]